Release 4.2.x

This article describes the changes of the version 4.2.x update.

Note: We have released a 4.2.9 hotfix that solves a performance problem in connection with the schema registry, which led to an extremely long connection process or missing schemas for some users.

Note: 4.2.7 is the first official 4.2. release recommended for all 4.1.x Kadeck Web users. However, some customers might have already received a 4.2.x version from us.

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Important upgrade notes (must read)

Kadeck Teams completes the transition from the old Kadeck 3.x to our new platform. In the course of 4.2, more updates are planned that will further improve existing components.

Kadeck Teams 4.2.x sets the stage for a variety of new features to be added in the coming months.

  • Kadeck Teams replaces Kadeck Web. All Kadeck Web users will automatically upgraded to the new Kadeck Teams Enterprise version.
  • The image tag has changed from xeotek/kadeckweb to xeotek/kadeck . Please change your deployments to use the new image tag.
  • The attribute and search filters have been revised. The functions have been extended. Depending on the functionalities used, the filter results can now be different:
    • A "contains" (<>) now also works on whole json objects. This is also true for the negated operator. I.e. it is now possible to determine whether objects within objects contain a certain field. See example [1] below.
    • Strings in attribute filters no longer need to be surrounded by apostrophes.
    • Attribute filters without an attribute will test the whole value or key.
    • Support for tombstones was added: filtering for null now also works on the key and value level.
  • We added anonymous error reports were introduced that help us identify errors. You can turn off the error reports in the settings.

[1] New "Contains" Example:

An attribute filter with contains(<>) = mailbox will return the following record as the address object contains a mailbox field. 

{key:null, value: { "address":{ "zip":12345, "city":"Musterstadt", "mailbox":"M1931"}}


The new update to Kadeck 4.2.0 adds a new Quota Management view and many more improvements and bug fixes. You can read all about these and many other minor improvements at

General update information

Learn how to update Kadeck Teams

Main features

  • Introducing the new Quota View
  • Duplicate connections
  • Export / Import connections
  • Copy display settings between views & topics to make troubleshooting easier
  • Share views to data of interest with colleagues
  • Revamped search and filter functions
  • Support for tombstone filtering/search was added
  • Add the possibility to set up the producer and consumer message sizes
  • Assign multiple labels or data owners at once
  • Add owners & labels for multiple data sources
  • User sessions can now be cleared from the administration user view
  • Added anonymous crash report
  • Update table actions to match new design
  • Added additional feedback and error report dialogs
  • Adds migrate permissions for Quotas
  • Consumer group refresh is now faster and more up to date
  • Add owners and labels when creating a new topic

Bug fixes

  • Fixes browser refresh on topics without a default view created
  • Add descriptions to topics and views for your colleagues text update
  • Help icon on Create Connection dialog is missing a tooltip
  • Add owner dialog in data catalog should have a unique name validator
  • updated config value disappears on cancel edit
  • Fixes open details glitch
  • Detail view takes over the whole screen space on large values
  • Onboarding dropdown missing caret
  • Add topic dialog on Data Catalog not working with no server connections
  • KafkaConnect document search input contrast missing
  • Only update notifications for Kadeck Web are displayed
  • Fixes toast is white on dark mode
  • Fixes empty topic won't let you create records
  • Fixes flow view scroll bug
  • Fixes Unnecessary page reload on the first interaction with the data browser
  • Fixes data catalog scheduler don't restart with new values when config changes
  • Fixes Delete Streams broken in xtk-753
  • Fixes ERROR:  could not open directory "pg\_logical/snapshots": No such file or directory
  • Fixes Data Catalog opens empty sporadically
  • Fixes Data Catalog crashes when trying to add topic
  • Fixes Data browser is reloaded once new data source updates come in
  • Fixes Selecting "none" for data owner results in error
  • Fixes Administration step count broken in light mode
  • Fixes Editing filter adds new filter instead of updating the one that was right clicked
  • Fixes Log file grows to large file size \(~250MB\)
  • Fixes quotas not supported screen instead of error
  • Deleting users with special chars or spaces does not work
  • Fixes AuditLog unrelated message appears when no server connected and just spins when connected
  • Fixes database: make sure the desktop migration never hang
  • Fixes Cannot remove user already exists error
  • Fixes marking a topic as favorite is not working
  • Fixes "Enabled / first connection" should be always on first place
  • Fixes Server Connection disconnect Endpoint is not called before connecting to another server
  • Fixes upgrade needed toast is shown on inactive server redirect
  • Fixes Reset & Search buttons are not centered
  • Fixes Table background color transition takes too long
  • Fixes Table row contents are not correctly centered
  • Fixes Consumer state update takes too long
  • Fixes Datacatalog is not updated after getting DELETE event
  • Fixes delete group dialog shows faulty content
  • Fixes Data Browser "Details" header does not match color scheme
  • Fixes Stream Details title bar is incorrectly labeled
  • Fixes Data Browser details list headers are the wrong color and style
  • Fixes some elements flicker on theme change
  • Fixes toast covers nav header
  • Fixes log size KPI on Topic Inspector shows 'null' for bytes when value is undefined
  • Fixes Schema registry table does not update after adding a schema
  • Fixes Cannot add user to a group
  • Fixes Menu panels are too small for option content
  • Fixes Onboarding screen has no drag bar
  • Fixes QuotaService needs to be audited
  • Fixes CheckServer on ConnectionService should not always be called
  • Fixes when in full view in the flow tool, switching topics doesn't reset this property
  • Fixes Delete worker button in the server configuration dialog is incorrectly aligned
  • Fixes cannot create ACLs
  • Fixes audit log fails to load when hitting the search button with not value in the search field
  • Fixes connection Overview throws errors in the browser logs
  • Fixes search filter close button has the wrong color in dark mode
  • Removes "include in data catalog" as data catalog is now replacing the legacy topic list
  • Fixes browser logs throw errors at Initial refresh state in data catalog
  • Fixes connecting to a server connection with security should give a visible feedback
  • Fixes kadeck Desktop not draggable on registration form
  • Fixes clicking Add Owner button in edit owner dialog causes page to reload
  • Fixes sorting by owner is not insensitive to custom vs users
  • Fixes connection error is not using "test connection" data
  • Fixes cannot add JSON schema
  • Fixes typo in quota management support error message.
  • Fixes Windows: Icons on the bar not clickable
  • Fixes Datasource messages not being sent when connection is made
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