Release 3.2.1

This article describes the changes of the version 3.2.1 update.

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This update includes many improvements and bug fixes.


Cluster configuration

  • KaDeck can be run as a cluster system, which allows tasks to be distributed to remote KaDeck instances on the network. By default, each KaDeck instance starts with a local cluster consisting of itself only. Via the new configurations (see here in the section Cluster Configuration) a cluster with several remote KaDeck instances can be configured.

Logfile size (memory consumption per topic)

  • The log size is now displayed in the bubble that appears when hovering over topics in the topic list, and in the Stream Details view. This allows you to identify topics with large memory footprints and optimize them accordingly.

Protocol Buffer Codec

  • Fixes a bug where the use of custom data types led to an incorrect schema and thus the data could not be decoded.

Data browser

  • Fixes a bug concerning the display of milliseconds in the record list. The milliseconds (based on the timestamp) are now displayed correctly.

Schema registry

  • It is now possible to specify your own trust store and keystore to connect to the schema registry.


  • Many updates to the internal structure.
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