Security Patch

This article describes the changes of the version security patch.

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Update is a security patch that increments the version numbers of several dependencies and uses a different container base image.

  • Fixes CVE-2021-37136 in io.netty:netty-codec
  • Fixes CVE-2021-37137 in io.netty:netty-codec
  • Fixes CVE-2021-35515 in org.apache.commons:commons-compress
  • Fixes CVE-2021-35516 in org.apache.commons:commons-compress
  • Fixes CVE-2021-35517 in org.apache.commons:commons-compress
  • Fixes CVE-2021-36090 in org.apache.commons:commons-compress
  • Moving from graalvm container base image to eclipse-temurin
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