Configure a home path

The home path can be used to change the URL through which the KaDeck Web UI and API are accessible.

In the default configuration, all endpoints are exposed via the host domain (e.g. localhost:80/). The home path parameter can be used to append another section to the address, e.g. localhost:80/kadeckweb/.


All endpoints are affected

Please note that changing the home path configuration will affect all endpoints, including live and readiness probes, health and metric endpoints, WebSocket connections, and HTTP/HTTPS endpoints for both the KaDeck Web interface and the backend API endpoints.


Configure home path

To change the home path to, e.g. "kadeckweb", you need to configure the parameter xeotek_kadeck_home and set its value to "kadeckweb"


Deployment.yaml example:

 - name: xeotek_kadeck_home
    value: "kadeckweb"


Docker command example:

docker run [...] -e xeotek_kadeck_home="kadeckweb" [...]


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