Release 3.1.8

This article describes the changes of the version 3.1.8 update.

View this page to read more about the 3.1.X update.


Update 3.1.8 is a maintenance update that contains many improvements and bug fixes.


Data browser/record list

  • If you use QuickSearch to search for records in the record list and the result of this search exceeds the number of records displayed, clicking the checkbox to select all records will select only the currently displayed records and not the records that are not visible. The non-visible records will now also be selected.
  • In various situations, it could happen that the connection to KaDeck Web Backend was disconnected and as a result no further data sets could be loaded from the streams in the UI. The error could only be fixed by reloading the UI in the browser. The connection is now re-established automatically (without a refresh).
  • Better in-memory management of Apache Kafka clients (better performance).



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