Release 3.1.7

This article describes the changes of the version 3.1.7 update.

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Update 3.1.7 is a maintenance update that contains many improvements and bug fixes.


Topic/Stream list

  • The popover is now delayed and does not longer interfere with scrolling and selecting streams.

Data browser/record list

  • When adding a (JSON) attribute as a column to the record list, the record key and value columns are no longer hidden. This caused confusion. Instead, the attribute columns are added preceding the value column.
  • Clicking on “show more” had no effect and was overwritten when new records were added to the record list.
  • In some cases, the active filters of a view were not reset correctly when the view was reloaded and a filter was deactivated before.
  • If records in the record list were filtered via the Quick Search input field and then “select all” was pressed for the displayed (filtered) records, all (also not displayed/filtered out) records were still selected.
  • We have added the function to exclude other partitions when right-clicking a partition.

Stream/Topic details

  • The pagination menu showed multiple pages when there were many inactive consumer groups, even though “Show inactive consumers” was not turned on in the list – i.e. no consumer group entries were visible in the list.
  • Consumers without a client ID were shown as inactive even though they were not.
  • To delete a stream, confirmation is now required by writing “deletestream” in the dialog. This is to prevent the accidental deletion of topics/streams.

Schema Registry UI

  • With a larger number of schemas in the schema registry, the loading process took an extremely long time. The process is now much faster and intermediate results are displayed.

Amazon Kinesis

  • We have added a new entry “shard recurring polling delay” to the settings page. Kinesis allows only a maximum of 5 polls per second. You may need to increase this value if you have multiple users polling one shard simultaneously.
  • Added a limit of 10k to the max records per poll setting (as this is the maximum that Amazon Kinesis supports).
  • Updated the service icon.


  • Log output on KaDeck startup now respects configured log level.
  • Onboarding (Desktop only): added information that we will send you three emails for a perfect onboarding experience.
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