How to start with teams & rights

How to start

To set up your users, groups and roles, it is best to start with the roles.

  1. Define administrative roles (Admin & Auditlog) and then create additional roles for the individual resources (streams) and functions.
  2. Once the roles are defined, create the groups. These are the teams that the users will be in.
  3. Finally, add the new users. Multiple users can be added at the same time. Think about a scheme for the user ID. It is often useful to use the user's email address.

When creating (multiple) users, groups and roles can be assigned. Group assignments for multiple users can be made later in the group editor.


Administration screen

After logging in to KaDeck Web, you can access the administration area as an admin user by clicking on "Administration" in the upper right menu.

You need a user with admin rights to manage users, rights, roles, or groups.


Figure 1: Overview Administration Screen


1) Administration Screen

Click here to access the administration screen

2) User Profile

Click here to get to your profile page. On the profile page, you can change your user name, your password, and see all the groups that you are assigned to.

Note: You can change the user name at any time (as admin or as the corresponding user), but you cannot change the user ID after the user has been created.

3) Administration screen menu bar

The administration page is divided into three sections:

  1. Settings: In the settings view, you can configure the internal settings and behavior of KaDeck. 
  2. Organisation: Here, you define rights for roles; add / edit / remove users, groups, and roles.
  3. Licenses: This is where you can view your licenses or start the offline activation.


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