Manage groups

What are groups?

Groups are a collection of users and roles. The roles define the scope of functionality and data to which the users of the group have access to.

Group membership is displayed on the user profiles and helps making project or departmental affiliations transparent. Users do not necessarily have to be assigned to a group.

Multiple groups

Users can be members of multiple groups simultaneously. Groups do not restrict each other, i.e. a group can only extend the user's scope of rights.


Quickstart to create groups

Go to the Groups page in the Organisation section of the Administration screen.

  1. Click on “add group” in the top right corner, add group details.
  2. You can now continue to assign roles to your groups. To assign roles, click on “Edit assignment”.
  3. Do not forget to click on “save” in the top right corner to finish your action.


Figure 1: Group Editor


You can add users to the group later by editing the group after it was created. You can also assign users individually to groups by editing the user on the users administration screen.

Groups can be edited, deleted, or used as a blueprint for further groups.

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