Manage roles & rights

What are roles?

Roles are a collection of rights that can be assigned either to groups or directly to users. The rights define the scope of functionality and data to which a user has access.


Quickstart to create roles and rights

Go to the Roles screen in the Organisation section of the Administration screen.

  1. Click on "add role" in the top right corner to open the Role editor.


Figure 1: Role Editor

After you have entered a name and a description for the role, you can assign application-level rights (e.g. Admin, Audit Log) and resource-level rights to the role.

Rights builder

The section highlighted slightly in blue is the Rights builder which can be used to create rights for streams (e.g., read & write) and features (e.g., "change codec").

By clicking on "Add right" you add a so created right to the role. You can assign multiple rights to a role.

Don't forget to click "save" in the upper right corner to finish.



Figure 2: Role Details and Rights Builder


It is not possible to directly assign rights to the user. You always must create a role for that.


Log out for changes to take effect

Changes to a role or right come into effect after the corresponding user has logged out or the session has expired.


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