Release 3.1.5

Important update changes

Permissions update

New permissions for the new modules "Schema Registry UI", "Kafka Connect UI" and "ACL UI" were added. Also, a new permission was added to the "Stream Details" module, which controls access to consumer offsets.

The following rights have been added:

  • KafkaConnectView
  • KafkaConnectManage
  • ACLView
  • ACLManage
  • KSQLView
  • KSQLManage
  • SchemaRegistryView
  • SchemaRegistryManage
  • ConsumersManage

When updating, the system role "Full Topic Access" (if it exists and it has not already been manually deleted) is automatically extended to include access to the mentioned modules.

Users who need access to the new modules and do not have the "Full Topic Access" role must be assigned the appropriate rights via the roles or groups.

Principle of least privilege

Please note that we recommend using the Full Topic Access role only to get started. Please follow the principle of least privilege.


Release Notes

KaDeck 3.1.5

This update includes some improvements and bug fixes.


  • Sort orders are now saved as part of views.
  • The blue tone for the menu bar is now slightly less aggressive.
  • Fixed a bug when connecting to Apache Kafka clusters with a user without DescribeCluster rights.
  • Clearer error messages for failed connection attempts to Apache Kafka.

KaDeck 3.1.4

We made a lot of design adjustments to the user interface for a more modern and pleasant look.


  • Many design improvements.
  • Mac users could experience icon display errors with Safari.
  • Some users experienced problems activating their licenses.
  • Update notifications are now displayed more eye-catchingly.

KaDeck 3.1.3


  • In some cases, it could happen that consumer groups were not displayed correctly or not at all.
  • Flow View now provides an option to show inactive consumer groups.

KaDeck 3.1.2

We heard you: the size of the topic list/stream list is now resizable and long names are no longer truncated.

Fixes and improvements:

  • After clicking on a topic/stream, the search input in the topic list/stream list is no longer cleared.
  • For unsaved changes to a view in the Data Browser (e.g. filters, codecs, …) a save button is now displayed to make the relationship between changes and the concept of views more transparent.
  • Fixed some layout errors for KaDeck Web in connection with Firefox.
  • When activating the licenses via the online mode, problems could occur despite a valid license.

KaDeck 3.1. – the biggest update yet with over 30 new features

Our goal for this update was to provide all the tools for the daily work with both Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis.

Therefore, Schema Registry, Kafka Connect, and ACLs can now be managed in KaDeck.
In addition, our powerful data transformation and filtering engine has become faster and gets many new features such as NodeJs V4 support.

Schema Registry Management

View, manage and evolve schemas or create new ones. Supports Protobuf, Avro, and JSON Schema.

Schema Registry Management

Manage Kafka Connect

Create new Kafka Connect instances, monitor and manage Kafka Connect tasks.

Kafka Connect Management

Manage ACLs

View, manage and create ACLs comfortably with the included ACL Wizard.

Acl Management

Quick Processor - powerful data transformation and filtering

You can now even modify record headers and use NodeJs (V4) libraries.

Transform headers with the Quick Processor

Over 30 features and improvements

KaDeck 3.1.1 comes with over 30 new features and improvements and over 20 bug fixes!

Quick Processor

  • NodeJs V4 support
  • Change record headers
  • Significant performance improvements (min. 15% faster!)


  • New connection wizard for Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka properties
  • Redesigned and improved user interface for creating new connections
  • Skip hostname verification for Schema Registry

Data Browser & Stream/Topic list

  • Faster loading of streams/topics
  • Significant speed increase when displaying and loading large amounts of data sets in fractions of a second
  • Mark streams/topics and their views as favorites
  • Group records by their key so that only the newest one is displayed
  • Full-text search for displayed records
  • Improved interface makes spotting active filters, running Live Mode, and overall day-to-day work much easier
  • Filtering by specific attributes of a JSON or Avro dataset now respects nesting
  • As a filter option contains or not contains has been added

CSV Export

  • Select various delimiters for exporting records to CSV


  • Data sets with larger numbers (longer than 53bits) are now correctly displayed in the UI and can also be created via the ingestion dialog

Stream Details / Topic Inspector

  • Change the offset of consumer groups or individual consumers per topic or for all topics
  • Significant performance improvement
  • Inactive consumer groups are now displayed
  • Search for specific consumers by name
  • See the maximum and minimum offset lag in the consumer group overview

Embedded Cluster

  • Embedded cluster connection is hidden if no embedded cluster is configured


  • New Feedback dialog – let us know your feedback and rate us!
  • Many UI changes, more help menus
  • Many bug fixes
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