Add a new Kafka Connect connector

Besides configuring and managing existing connectors via KaDeck, you can also add new connectors.

This means that you can add connections to data sources without leaving KaDeck.

KaDeck has a built-in wizard that helps you select and configure a new Kafka Connect plugin.


Open the Kafka Connect Wizard

To open the Kafka Connect Wizard to add a new Kafka Connect connector, do the following:

  1. Activate a connection with at least one configured Kafka Connect cluster from the Connection Overview.
  2. Select Kafka Connect from the main menu on the left.
  3. Click on Add Connector in the Kafka Connect view.



Selecting the Kafka Connect connector plugin

Once the wizard has opened, you need to select the Kafka Connect cluster to which you want to add the new connector.

The dialog displays the Kafka Connect plugins available on the selected Kafka Connect cluster.




Use the filter Types to show only sink or source connector plugins or search directly by the connector name.

KaDeck displays additional meta-information for known connectors.

When you have found the connector plugin you want, click configure next to the entry.


Configuring the new connector

The configuration view of the wizard allows you to configure the Kafka Connect plugin according to your needs.


Autocomplete for configuration parameters

The autocomplete feature of the configuration editor shows you suggestions of configuration parameters available for the plugin.

You can open the autocomplete by pressing CTRL + spacebar.


Documentation of the Connector plugin

KaDeck also shows you the available documentation for the selected connector plugin.
To view the documentation of a connector, click on Show connector documentation.





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