Monitor Kafka Connect clusters & instances

You can manage and monitor Kafka Connect connectors from multiple Kafka Connect clusters simultaneously in KaDeck.

KaDeck is compatible with any Kafka Connect plugin.

Furthermore, KaDeck displays additional meta-information about the most popular Kafka Connect connectors.


Navigate to Kafka Connect view

For the Kafka Connect interface to be available in KaDeck, you must have enabled a connection with at least one configured Kafka Connect cluster.

  1. Activate a connection with at least one configured Kafka Connect cluster from the Connection Overview.
  2. Select Kafka Connect from the main menu on the left.


The Kafka Connect overview shows the status of each cluster and the associated Kafka Connect connectors.


Monitor your Kafka Connect workers

In the upper half of the Kafka Connect view, the configured Kafka Connect clusters are displayed in the Clusters area.

For each Kafka Connect cluster, you can find the corresponding overall status here, which is calculated as follows:

  • Kafka Connect worker status
  • Status of the individual Connector instances of the cluster

If one or more connectors of a cluster are in an error state, a corresponding status is displayed aggregated next to the respective cluster.


Monitor your Kafka Connect instances

In the second half of the Kafka Connect view, the Connectors section, all available connectors are shown.


Kafka Connect conncetors list


The connector list displays the status of each connector, which consists of the status of each task of the connector, as well as the number of tasks, the configured topics (if applicable), the type, and the associated Kafka Connect cluster.


View the data of corresponding topics

You can jump directly to the data browser for a particular topic of a connector, in order to learn more about the produced or consumed data of the connector, for example. Simply click on the respective topic.


Source or sink topics of a connector



Find a specific connector

Kafka Connect conncetors menu bar

Connectors can be searched by

  • name,
  • configured topics,
  • status,
  • type (sink or source)
  • and of course the associated cluster.



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