Upgrading from KaDeck Enterprise

The new KaDeck Web Version can be obtained via the official Docker Hub.

KaDeck Enterprise < 2.0.0 is not longer supported.

Please note the following during the migration to KaDeck Web (version 2.2.1):

  • Companyid becomes teamid (change the environment variable to xeotek_kadeck_teamid).
  • Authcode becomes secret (change the environment variable to xeotek_kadeck_secret).


The new configuration parameters

All configuration parameters are described in this article.


Instructions for the offline activation of licenses

This process must be carried out only once for the migration from KaDeck Enterprise to KaDeck Web.

  1. Start KaDeck Web in your infrastructure and log in with the main administrator user account. By default, this is the user with the user id admin.
    • If you have overwritten the first user via xeotek_kadeck_init_with_userid, this environment variable must be set again when starting KaDeck Web. This way KaDeck Web assigns a free license to this user, which is used for registration and administration. This overrides the default behavior that the user with the user id admin is assigned the free license.
  2. After the successful login, call up the administration menu via the menu entry in the menu bar in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the menu item Organization -> Users and check the number of users.  All users should be visible. You should also see a warning message indicating the missing licenses for the users.
  4. Click on the menu item Licenses -> Offline activation and follow the steps listed there.
    • The computer of the logged-in user must have an internet connection and www.getkadeck.com must be reachable.
  5. After completion of the offline activation, the warning regarding the missing licenses should disappear under Organization -> Users and KaDeck Web is ready for use.


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