Startup parameters

You can pass in parameters to KaDeck's Java backend by specifying the KA_DECK_OPTS environment variable. You need to restart KaDeck for changes to take effect.  This example illustrates how to specify a krb5.conf file.

Example: increasing Java heap space

However, you can use other parameters as well. To increase the maximum heap space, simply replace the " ..." string with "-Xmx6G" to increase the maximum java heap memory to 6 Gb.


Temporary (for the current session):

export KA_DECK_OPTS= ""

Persistent configuration:

echo "export KA_DECK_OPTS=\"\"" >> ~/.bash_profile
source .bash_profile 


Via command line:

setx KA_DECK_OPTS ""

Or by using the environment variable dialog:

  1. Type "variable" in the windows search and click on "Edit user variables".
  2. In the dialog "System Properties", click on "Environment Variables..." on the bottom right of the dialog.
  3. In the list "User variables", add a new variable with the name KA_DECK_OPTS and set the value to the desired parameters, e.g.:


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