Configuring Kadeck Teams (Configuration list)

Use the xeotek_kadeck prefix

All values in the table need to be prefixed with xeotek_kadeck, e.g. xeotek_kadeck_teamid.

You can configure Kadeck by supplying the following environment variables:

Variable name Example value Description
secret password Required. Your secret authentication code.
teamid myteam.abecede Required. Your team id.
init_with_userid mycustomuserid The user id of the first admin user. Defaults to admin.
The default password admin is not affected. 
port 80 The port through which the web UI of Kadeck Enterprise will be accessible.
keystore_path /your/path SSL: The absolute path to your keystore.
keystore_pass password SSL: The password of your keystore.
keystore_alias alias SSL: The keystore alias.
db_url jdbc:h2:address  The JDBC URL of your SQL database. Currently, PostgreSQL and H2 are supported. If not supplied, a database is created in the container (not recommended in production).
db_username username The username with permissions to create tables and read/write values to it.
db_password password The password for your user.
sync_max_interval_mins 120 The synchronization interval for pulling new data from the Xeotek Uplink server.
loglevel INFO

The log level of Kadeck. Default: WARN

authentication_method internal

Set to "ldap" to enable the optional LDAP module.

home kadeckweb

Default is "". Exposes all endpoints at the specified path (e.g., localhost:80/kadeckweb/). See Configure a home path.

Cluster configuration  



Default is This hostname is what is passed to remote Kadeck instances in order to identify this instance and consequently used for connecting back to this instance if need be, hence set it to a reachable IP address or resolvable name in case you want to communicate across the network.

cluster_port 2551

The port the Kadeck instance should listen on, set to 0 to have it chosen automatically.


Defaults to the cluster_hostname. This is the hostname used to bind the akka network interface to. Can be set to an ip, hostname and special values.

cluster_bind_port 2551

Defaults to the cluster_port. This is the port used to bind the akka network interface to. Takes a port number or some special values.


Defaults to cluster_hostname:cluster_port (cluster with only the local node). Specify as comma-separated list: ip:port,otherip:otherport

When a new Kadeck node is started it sends a message to all cluster nodes and then sends a join command to the one that answers first. If none of the cluster nodes replies (might not be started yet) it retries this procedure until success or shutdown.

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