Offline use and internet access

KaDeck is capable of running in an offline environment. 

If you have purchased licenses and KaDeck is not able to communicate with our Xeotek Link servers, you need to activate and transfer the licenses in KaDeck manually (see "Offline activation" below).

Alternatively, you can set up internet access from KaDeck to the outside. The following address must be reachable from the inside of the container if you don't want to activate KaDeck manually:

Offline activation

  1. Log in with a user that has admin privileges (e.g., your default admin user on the first setup).
  2. Go to the administration screen and click on "Offline activation" in the left menu.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen to transfer your licenses to your new KaDeck Web environment. 
  4. Please log out and log in again after you have performed the offline activation for the changes to take effect.


Offline docker setup

These are the steps to transfer the KaDeck Web docker image to a server that runs docker without internet access:



Start KaDeck Web with the docker command as usual.

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