Database setup

KaDeck requires a database for storing information. An external database such as H2 or PostgreSQL is recommended in a production environment.

If no external database information is supplied, KaDeck will use an internal H2 file-based database. 

Supported databases

KaDeck currently supports:

  • Postgre SQL Database 
  • H2 database

Configuring the database connection

The database connection details are passed to KaDeck as environment variables in the form of a JDBC connection string.



Although username and password can be specified in the JDBC string, the username and password can alternatively be specified using the following environment variables:


User permissions

The user that is supplied to KaDeck must be able to create tables and read/write data.

Database size

recommended size for the database to start with is 1GB. Depending on the usage and the growing audit logs, the size of the database must be increased.

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