System requirements

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows (Server) with support for Java 11+
  • Linux distribution 64-bit with support for Java 11+
  • Mac OS with support for Java 11+

If your setup deviates considerably from usual cloud setups, contact our support.

Container requirements

  • 64-bit operating system
  • min. 8GB of free RAM *
  • 1 GB of disk space

* This needs to be set depending on the size of your data objects in Kafka and the number of users. Remember to increase the Java heap memory (see Java heap memory).


The number of threads KaDeck needs depends on a base number and the maximum number of concurrent long-running queries KaDeck has to execute at a ratio of 1:1, where the base number corresponds to a minimum of 2 threads.

Let's imagine a scenario with 10 users using KaDeck simultaneously and executing long-running data queries (e.g. querying a big time window). To be able to serve all 10 users without any waiting time, consider the following calculation:

Base number (2) + 10 parallel long executions = 12 threads needed.


Instead of scaling vertically, you can run multiple KaDeck instances in parallel and place a load balancer in front of the KaDeck instances (with sticky-session).

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