Create a new cluster configuration

Log in with an admin user. To add a new connection for a cluster:

  1. Go to the Connection Overview page in KaDeck.
  2. Click "Add connection".
  3. Enter a name for the connection and the relevant connection data.

The dialog also offers various configuration options for encrypted connections via SSL, authorization via Kerberos, and various security mechanisms for Schema Registry.

In the following, we will only take a look at the mandatory configuration details.
Read this article to learn more about advanced configurations.

Mandatory data


The connection data for your cluster requires a name that you can choose freely. The name allows you to keep track of your cluster if you have several clusters.

Bootstrap Servers

Each broker in your cluster has a specific IP. Even if it is already sufficient to specify the IP address of a single broker, it makes sense to specify multiple IP addresses for reasons of reliability. Please note that you must always specify the IP address followed by a colon and the port. Multiple IP addresses (with the port) are separated by a comma.


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