Manage topics

This article covers creating and deleting topics. 


Creating a topic

To create a topic, you must have the topic creation right assigned to your user account (KaDeck Web). 

After connecting to a cluster, go to the record browser page and click on the top left triangle next to "Topics" (see fig. 1).


Fig. 1 Create a new topic from inside the record browser page.

You will be prompted by the topic creation dialog to enter a name, partition and replication numbers as well as additional configurations such as retention time or the retention policy (delete or compact).

Click "Confirm" on the top right to create the topic.

Note: Make sure your replication factor is not higher than the maximum number of available brokers in your cluster and the topic name does not yet exist.


Fig. 2 The topic creation dialog with configurations.

Verify that the topic with the requested number of partitions was created, by hovering over the topic in the browser.


Fig. 3 Partition numbers are displayed on hovering over topic names.


Deleting a topic

To delete a topic you must have the topic deletion right assigned to your user account (KaDeck Web).

From the record browser, right-click on the topic on the left that you want to delete.

Select "Delete topic" from the context menu.

You will be prompted to confirm the deletion as this action cannot be undone. 


 Fig. 4 The topic browser's context menu.


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