Working with views

This section gives a short introduction about how to work with views in KaDeck's data browser.


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Example: A view created specifically for viewing delayed express shipments.

Views allow you to save configurations of your filters, your visible columns, the Quick Processor, codec settings, and other customizations that you do in the data browser for later use. You can create multiple views for each stream so you can easily switch back and forth to view different kinds of data based on your filter criteria or Quick Processor transformations.

The topic "currency_exchange_rates" has 4 views. Default views are displayed in bold (e.g., "Raw" in this example).


These settings are saved with every view:

  • Codec selection for key and value
  • Header codec (type) selection for each header by key
  • Attribute filters (active & inactive)
  • Search values
  • Attribute columns 
  • Hidden columns
  • Time windows
  • Quick Processor code

Manage views

Inside the record browser, click on the title bar "Default View: Default". The default view when viewing a topic is named "Default". The default view is the view that is automatically loaded when selecting a topic. 

Note: It is not possible to delete a default view. You need to set another view as default first in order to delete the previous one.


The drop-down menu opens when clicking on the view's name.

These options are available:

New empty view

Create a new empty view from scratch. 

New view from current

A dialog will ask you for the name of the new view and all settings of the current view will be copied to this new view.


All current settings and modifications are saved to the current active view. 


Deletes the currently active view and loads the default view for this topic. It is not possible to delete a default view. You need to set another view as the topic's default before deleting the previous default view.

Set View As Default

This option sets the current view as the topic's default view. 



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